Life in Grevesmühlen

As one of the oldest towns in Mecklenburg Grevesmühlen is situated in a scenic setting in the Klütz district and is surrounded by lakes and woods. Grevesmühlen offers every generation a virtually perfect infrastructure for life in the region.

In Grevesmühlen you will find a complete range of child care from 3 months up to completing the 4th grade. You will find all types of school in the town (primary schools, secondary schools, full-time schools, grammar-schools) as well as all the social facilities. The range on offer is rounded off by comprehensive medical provision (health centres, nursing homes, hospital) and also numerous shopping facilities in specialist shops and supermarkets.

Whether you live in a detached house, an apartment building, a rented flat or even assisted accommodation you will find countless opportunities for living here and in the surrounding area.

Interesting residential areas make it possible to build your own home. The town of Grevesmühlen supports investment by young families with an interest-free loan.